Camp Set - Microfibre Towel & Campsuds
  • Microfibre Towel
    Microfibre Towel
  • Packed in its Pouch
    Packed in its Pouch
  • Campsuds

This set comes with a large ultra-light patented microfiber that instantly soaks up water on contact and a 4 oz. bottle of Wonder Wash, a bio-degradable all-purpose soap that is gentle on skin, hair, and clothing.

The towel, made by Eagle Creek, is perfect for outdoor adventure — river running, snorkeling, and other energetic, high output pursuits — has these Special Features:

  • Super absorbent and quick-drying between uses
  • You literally pat yourself dry
  • Extremely lightweight, durable and compact
  • A must-have for adventurers and athletes, it feels so soft you'll want to use is everyday
  • Has a convenient snap loop so you can hang your towel to dry anywhere
  • Comes in a mesh bag that allows the towel to dry in the bag
  • Quickly air dries when you're out in the wild (machine washable when you're at home)
  • Color: Sea Foam
  • Measures 19.5" x 39" and weighs a mere 4 ounce


Campsuds is an all-purpose liquid cleanser strong enough for dishes and clothes, yet gentle enough for body and hair. Completely biodegradable, made from natural vegetable-derived ingredients with natural essential oil fragrance. Durable, reusable, leak-proof Nalgene® bottle

Key Features:

  • Travel clean and light with the original, super-concentrated all-purpose cleaner for travelers
  • Use as a bath soap and shampoo, to wash and spot-clean clothes and to clean anything washable
  • Made from natural vegetable-derived ingredients with natural essential oil fragrance; Makes a great helper around the house too!

PRICE:  $28.44